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The Chaeum Premium

The Chaeum Premium 4 With Lido 2Х1.1ml

The Chaeum Premium 4 With Lido 2Х1.1ml

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Product Features
The Chaeum Premium line of fillers based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid is presented in 4 types with a sequence of numbers from 1 to 4. The stable and dense structure of the gel ensures even distribution of the filler during injection, thus minimizing the risk of injury and ensuring a natural effect.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component found in the human skin and cartilage, and it is easily absorbed into the body, making it safe. It has the characteristic of attracting moisture more than 1000 times its weight, helping to create not only volume but also moisturized and elastic skin.

The Chaeum Premium fillers use a low-toxicity BDDE, through unique cross-linking technology, which is safely manufactured in Korea. They have obtained CE certifications and are being exported to many countries worldwide.

Moreover, The Chaeum Premium fillers have advantages such as short procedure time, minimal bruising, and swelling, allowing for immediate return to daily activities and providing instant effect.

- High purity minimizes inflammation after injection
- Low levels of BDDE and proteins reduce the risk of allergic reactions - Advanced product safety thanks to extended dialysis to remove BDDE residues
- Less painful and minimal risk of injury
- The regular and dense structure of the gel ensures even distribution of the filler and a natural effect
- The minimum viscosity facilitates trouble-free injection.
- Low endotoxin content minimizes inflammation after injection.

Duration: On average, the effect lasts between 9 to 12 months, and it may vary depending on the injected area.

Expiry Date: 24 months from the production date.

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