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Numbing cream

SM lido cream 10.56% 500g

SM lido cream 10.56% 500g

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SM Lido Cream 10.56% (500g) Anesthetic cream for cosmetic procedures.


Universal lidocaine cream with a high percentage of lidocaine is suitable for skin pain relief even for the most sensitive patients.


The high content of lidocaine - a safe and effective anesthetic - at a concentration of 105.6 mg allows for fast and reliable anesthesia. You can save your time, as the cream begins to act instantly on the treated area, and can provide pain relief for even the most sensitive skin.


The composition of the product allows you to effectively use it in invasive procedures. The effect of the cream helps to painlessly and less traumatically conduct a session of introducing mesothreads on the face and body, and this is an introduction to a depth of 8 mm. Also SM Cream 10.56% proved to be excellent in mesotherapy, mesodissolution, micro-liposuction and permanent makeup.

The cream is successfully used to anesthetize the superficial layers of the dermis during the following procedures:

Epilation of all varieties


Contour plastic


Biorevitalization and mesotherapy


Laser therapy


Removal of moles and warts


Removal of freckles and age spots




Punctures and piercings


Permanent make-up and tattooing


Peeling and dermabrasion


Shallow surgery using local anesthesia


Mode of application:


Apply a sufficient amount of cream evenly to the treated area of ​​the skin under the occlusive dressing. After 20-25 minutes, remove the bandage and rinse off the cream thoroughly. Time must be monitored, as exceeding the 25 minute time limit can lead to scalding! The effect of the cream comes in 25 minutes.




Individual intolerance to lidocaine or amide.


Open wounds, violation of the integrity of the skin.


Inflammatory manifestations on the skin of various origins.


It is recommended to test for individual intolerance to lidocaine or amide before using the cream for the first time.

Store in a container at a temperature of 1 ° C to 30 ° C out of the reach of children. Avoid direct sunlight.

Volume 500 grams

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