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Numbing cream

SM lido cream 10.56% 30g

SM lido cream 10.56% 30g

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Universal lidocaine cream SM lido Cream 10.56% (30g) ideally eliminates pain during cosmetological minimally invasive, laser and surgical surface interventions. Due to the high percentage of lidocaine in the cream, it is suitable for anesthetizing the skin of even the most sensitive patients.


 South Korea occupies a leading position in the market for lidocaine creams, ointments and gels. One of the South Korean products often used in cosmetology and medicine is SM Cream 10.56% (30g). This cream is successfully used to anesthetize the superficial layers of the dermis during the following manipulations:

  • Contour plastics, bio-reinforcement, volumization,
  • Various mesotherapy and biorevitalization,
  • Laser treatments,
  • Peeling and dermabrasion,
  • Tattuage, tattoo, piercing,
  • Minor surgical interventions,
  • Epilation,
  • Removal of moles, warts, freckles, age spots,
  • Acupuncture.

In all of the above methods, the use of SM Cream 10.56% (30g) will help to make the session much more comfortable for both the client and his specialist.


Why is it important to use anesthetics during cosmetic procedures?


The application of anesthetic cream before the procedure is sometimes simply necessary when it comes to patients with high skin sensitivity. Sometimes the client's vessels are so close to the surface of the skin that it is simply not possible to carry out an invasive intervention without preliminary anesthesia. Similarly, the situation applies to almost all clients when correcting in especially sensitive areas - such as lips and perioral area, periorbital area, eyebrows and between the eyebrows.

The use of anesthetics will help not only to eliminate the client's pain, the work of the cosmetologist will also take place in much more comfortable conditions. In addition, the painful effect of the skin begins to literally "shrink" - the pores and blood vessels narrow, which makes the introduction of a needle or cannula more difficult, the skin is more damaged, the risk of inflammation, itching, and bleeding increases. Due to the sudden pain, the client may not twitch at the right time, having received a superficial injury.

 And most importantly, during procedures such as contouring and volumization, the cosmetologist needs to work with relaxed muscles and facial expressions, so the doctor can recreate natural features as naturally and delicately as possible.

Benefits of using SM Cream 10.56% (30g)

 Unlike other competitive brands, SM Cream 10.56% contains a high concentration of lidocaine - 105.6 g, so it more effectively relieves pain. The cream is excellent for both a less deep intradermal intervention (for example, mesotherapy - insertion of a needle up to 4 mm), and for a deeper one (introduction of mesothreads - up to 8 mm). In all cases, the client will not feel pain, and the recovery period will be more relaxed by reducing the risk of inflammation.

Economical consumption of the product (only up to 2.0 ml of cream for 1 procedure) allows you to use even such a small volume as 30 g for quite a long time.

The product begins its active effect on the skin rather quickly - after the first 10 minutes under an occlusive dressing - and reaches its maximum peak effect after 25 minutes. Attention: you cannot keep the cream on the skin for more than 25 minutes! This can lead to chemical burns to the client's skin.

SM Cream procedure protocol 10.56%

In order for SM Cream 10.56% (30g) to work on the treated area, you must: 

Disinfect the skin, 

Apply the cream evenly over the entire surface of the treated area,

Apply an occlusive dressing or cling film for up to 25 minutes,

After a maximum of 25 minutes, remove the cream from the surface as thoroughly as possible so that the remains of the cream do not fall under the code with the needle.


Contraindications to the use of lidocaine cream are:

Intolerance to lidocaine and amide products,

Open wounds and damage to the skin in the treated area,

General malaise, inflammation, high fever 

In the event of side effects such as hives, swelling, itching, burning or other irritation, contact your cosmetician immediately.

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