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Rejeunesse sparkle 3X2.5ml

Rejeunesse sparkle 3X2.5ml

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Rejeunesse sparkle is a light filler for correcting age-related changes in the skin; they are successfully used for face bio-reinforcement and vector lifting procedures. The filler is popular for lip augmentation and lip contouring. Use a filler for both face and body as an effective moisturizer for the dermal layer, correct fine wrinkles, smooth folds and skin defects that appear with age. The product has been successful as part of anti-aging therapy.




The lightest in the line of dermal fillers is made using hyaluronic acid produced by biofermentation. An effective multi-stage system of purification of the resulting product is used, as a result, an extremely homogeneous dermal gel with hypoallergenic properties and the absence of negative side effects in the form of puffiness, irritation and immune reactions is created.

Transparent gel, elastic, viscous, odorless and colorless. The concentration of hyaluronic acid is 20 mg / ml, reticulation is 3%, lidocaine hydrochloride is 0.3%.

The package contains 3 syringes with a sterile solution of the product, with a volume of 2.5 ml.


Purpose of using a light dermal filler


Rejeunesse sparkle is an excellent bioarmigrant, the effect of injections of a hyaluronic preparation is manifested primarily in strengthening the face contour, the filler stimulates the production of collagen fibers by dermal fibroblasts and the synthesis of elastin.


Bio-reinforcement of the face with the product forms a kind of skin frame, eliminates flabbiness and sagging, the filler promotes high-quality hydration of the skin layers, replenishing the moisture deficit in the dermal layers, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The result of the procedure appears quickly and is especially expressive after 1-2 months; in this form, the effect lasts for a long time until the filler is completely absorbed.


Rejeunesse sparkle with powerful antioxidant properties to protect the skin from the harmful effects of oxidizing agents (free radicals).


A light filler replenishes the deficiency of its own hyaluronic acid in the skin, maintains its correct balance in the intercellular space.


REJEUNESSE SPARKLE is used as a superficial filler for the correction of fine wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital areas of the face, as a corrective agent in the cheeks, chin area, to restore the correct, taut oval of the face.




A product with a minimal percentage of side effects


No edema, complications are rare.


Biocompatibility of the gel, this circumstance excludes its rejection.


The achieved effect from the use of dermal gel lasts 8 - 10 months, which is a very worthy indicator.


The price of face bio-reinforcement, lip augmentation with REJEUNESSE SPARKLE filler is more affordable, the cost of procedures is lower than the cost of face bio-reinforcement with similar preparations based on hyaluronic acid.


It is noticed that the effect of using the product is noticeable from the first time. Obvious changes in skin tone, elasticity, increased firmness and hydration.


Volume 2.5 x 3 pcs

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