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Product Features
Kabelline Fat Reduction Solution is a contouring solution that helps to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat on the body. Kabelline products include the active ingredient synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid aids in the breakdown of fat and its absorption; it is a naturally occurring body molecule. Fat is typically located in several key trouble areas like the chin, face, and abdomen.

Kabelline destroys fat cells in the chin area, which results in a noticeable and satisfactory reduction of redundant fat cells. Once these adipocytes (fat cells) are destroyed, these cells no longer can store and accumulate fat. Thus, further treatment is no longer required once your aesthetic goal has been targeted.

Kabelline is safely manufactured in Korea. It has obtained FDA certifications and is being exported to many countries worldwide.

Benefits and Effects
- Non-invasive treatment to destroy fat cells without the use of surgeries
- Provide a double mechanism to induce fat cell destruction
- Different from surgeries, no permanent mark will be left after the treatment
- Safely manufactured product
- Quick procedure (5~15 minutes)

Active Ingredients
Deoxycholic acid: 200g

Area of Application
- Fat pouches at the corner of the mouth
- For shading V-line face
- Saggy/ Double Chin
- Abdomen region
- Love Handles
- Waist
- Hips
- Inner thighs
- Shoulders
- Upper arms
- Inner and outer thighs

How to use
Inject into the middle of the fat pad and slightly more superficially in cases of cellulite,1.5cm apart.

- Cold compress can be used to alleviate symptoms such as discomfort and inflammation.
- Patients are instructed not to massage the area for the next 48 hours after the procedure
- Patients can follow up after 4 weeks for the medical team to assess the results and plan further treatment sessions if needed.

Effect Duration
The effect of this product can be permanent with proper diet and working out.

Treatment Interval
3-6 sessions at 7-10 days intervals

8ml x 5vials

Expiry Date
24 months from the production date.

Storage Temperature
Please keep away from direct sunlight.
Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 2 to 28 ℃.
Secure the lid and store in a refrigerator after opening.

Warning and Precautions
This product should only be used by trained professionals or doctors.
This is not allowed to be administered to pregnant and breastfeeding patients, minors and children, and diabetic patients.
This product is a medical device. Customs clearance may be difficult depending on each country's rules and regulations. So please check the customs clearance situation in each country before
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