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Juvederm Ultra 4 Lido 2X1ml

Juvederm Ultra 4 Lido 2X1ml

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Juvederm Ultra 4 by Allergan

Juvederm Ultra 4 is the innovative remedy manufactured by Allergan – the worldwide pharmaceutical company providing quality medication for medical institutions from around the world. Experiences dermatologists and leading cosmetologists successfully administer the remedy for deep folds and wrinkles correction, cheek and chin volume enhancement. After using Juvederm Ultra 4, the skin looks younger and healthier. You can buy Juvederm ULTRA 4 online from

Juvederm Ultra 4 is one of the well-known products in Juvederm-family. It is a very clean, pyrogen-free, Hyaluronic Acid-based gel of non-animal origin. It is fully biocompatible and provides an instant and natural result. It may be used not only for wrinkles elimination and enriching the skin with the necessary water but also for lips correction and augmentation. The innovative formula allows the substance to penetrate the deepest skin layers adding the lacking volume and deeply hydrating skin tissues. With the help of the remedy, the great results may be achieved: from tiny imperfections correction up to more considerable changes like cheekbones enhancement.

The remedy is packed with Lidocaine, thus the procedure is almost painless. Process of injection is very short, its duration is approximately 15-20 minutes but the effect is very long – up to 12 months.

Indications and Contraindications of Using Juvederm Ultra 4

As a rule, doctors recommend this drug for patients in the middle 40-ties because the gel has a very dense structure. This also allows health providers to reach a more successful and prolonged effect.

The list of indications includes:

  • old and deep forehead and chin wrinkles;
  • nasolabial and between the eyebrows folds;
  • lips volumization and contouring;
  • cheekbones lines correction;
  • skin lifting;
  • face oval correction.

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