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Made in South Korea

RICHESSE eyes 1X1ml

RICHESSE eyes 1X1ml

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Sodium DNA 2mg/mL

Richesse™ eyes is a REVOLUTION on the cosmetology market, a tissue biostimulator, designed for needle mesotherapy of the eye area and tear trough with a filling effect, without side effects in the form of lumps or lymphatic stagnation.

RICHESSE eyes without side effects in the form of lumps or lymphatic stagnation.

Regenerate Your Cells, Rejuvenate Your Skin, Reverse Your Age. Richesse™ eyes is a cell regenerating DNA treatment derived from salmon that repairs damaged and aging skin. Richesse™ eyes is injected directly into the epidermis, effectively restoring and revitalizing the skin.
• Skin brightening
• Anti-aging
• Skin cell restoration
• Enhanced elasticity
• Rejuvenation
• Acne sign reduction
• Replenishing skin balance
• Anti-wrinkle

RICHESSE eyes induces tissue regeneration and enhances the self-healing properties of damaged skin cells, from the epidermis all the way through to the deep dermis for a long-lasting effect. As a result, the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened, providing the skin with elasticity, fi rmness and a natural healthy glow.

RICHESSE ingredients
Sodium Polynucleotide : 2mg/mL
Phosphate buffered saline, pH7 : q.s.
1.0mL x syringe
2pcs x 30G needles

store at 2-8°

expiration date
24 months

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